Guided by the principles of compassion, pragmatism, and respect, Camden Case Management provides comprehensive support to adults and adolescents, empowering clients and their families to make effective changes in their home, work, academic, and social environments during and following mental health or addiction treatment. Founded and operated by a physician and a nationally-recognized trauma and addiction psychotherapist, our unique leadership structure allows us to provide clinically-informed case management, mentoring, family dynamics support groups, and companioning services that enhance our clients’ work with their clinicians, treatment programs, and other members of their support system. 

Serving as an outside support to our clients’ clinical care, Camden Case Management integrates the evolving clinical needs of each individual in the management and coordination of their healing process. Each client’s ongoing therapeutic work is augmented with a unique combination of service elements to help them take the necessary steps to reintegrate into real-life settings while coping with and recovering from mental health and addictive conditions. Our services bridge the divide between an individual’s progress in the treatment setting and the enactment of recovery goals in the real world. 

Camden Case Management’s multidisciplinary team of case managers, mentors, and companions have years of experience working with people struggling with mental health and addiction issues and have the skills and expertise needed to help clients establish productive and meaningful lives.

Who We Are

Camden Case Management stands out as your dedicated partner in navigating the challenges of mental health and substance abuse. Our compassionate team tailors a holistic approach to your unique needs, integrating not only traditional therapeutic techniques but also a suite of services like case management, family dynamics support, mentoring, and companionship. Our goal? To guide every client—both adults and adolescents—towards a brighter tomorrow.

What sets Camden apart is our genuine commitment to you. We believe in the power of human connection, in truly understanding each individual's unique journey. Our case managers dive deep, connecting with clients to understand their emotions, thoughts, and therapeutic needs. But we don't stop at understanding—we act. Every insight gleaned, every breakthrough achieved in therapy, we translate it into practical steps, making real-world changes in the lives of our clients.

Our support isn't confined within four walls. We're there with you, in the real world, helping you face daily challenges with renewed confidence. Our team collaborates with you to create personalized action plans, zeroing in on nurturing healthy relationships, boosting self-respect, and reigniting your sense of purpose. Our proactive stance ensures that every therapeutic milestone resonates in all facets of your life, weaving healing and growth into your everyday narrative.

At Camden Case Management, we're not just care providers—we're your partners in recovery. We bridge the sometimes vast distance between clinical sessions and real-world challenges. In leading our clients towards recovery, we're reaffirming our mission: helping every individual regain their footing, rebuild their story, and rediscover their intrinsic worth and dignity. Your journey to recovery starts here—with Camden by your side.



Michael, holds an M.A. in marriage and family therapy from USC and specializes in addiction, personality disorders, developmental and relational trauma. His therapeutic approach combines psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, somatic, behavioral, and cognitive therapies. As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and NeuroAffective Relational Model™ practitioner, he brings a diverse skill set.

Brookelyn Hall

With over 11 years of dedicated experience in the field of case management, Brookelyn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Her journey in the industry has been marked by diverse roles, ranging from insurance companies to private case management firms.

Prudence Brando

Prudence is a seasoned mental health professional driven by a fervent dedication to assisting others. Her academic background includes a degree in psychology, complemented by a bachelor's degree in Film Production with a specialization in directing. Renowned for her exceptional organizational acumen, adept communication skills, and meticulous attention to detail, Prudence thrives in the execution of objectives.


Camden Case Management serves adults and adolescents recovering from mental health or substance use disorders, helping them to build autonomy, positive self-identity, and a life that reflects their values. We work with clients throughout the trajectory of their healing process, whether they are at the beginning of a treatment program, in an outpatient clinical setting, or at another phase of their recovery. Flexible, creative, and individualized reintegration plans are developed by the team for each client, empowering them as they develop increased self-efficacy, confidence, and independence through meaningful and attainable goals. Our multidisciplinary team is led by an experienced clinician, ensuring that all services are guided by the client’s evolving clinical needs, facilitating rapid progress toward goals. 

The emotional and psychological effects of mental health conditions, substance use, and other addictive disorders often cause significant functional impairment in the life of an individual and their family. By offering case managers, mentors, companions, and a family dynamics support group, we create a supportive ecosystem that emphasizes the practical application of therapeutic insights in real-world situations. Our approach recognizes the complexity of each individual's unique path to recovery and focuses on translating therapeutic progress into tangible improvements in daily life. 

Specialized Adult & Adolescent Services

Adult Services

Discover a holistic approach to mental health and addiction recovery with Camden's Clinically-Informed Adult Case Management. Beyond the confines of a clinical setting, we are committed to ensuring that therapeutic progress translates seamlessly into everyday life.

Whether you're embarking on a new treatment journey or further along the path, our experienced care providers work diligently to craft reintegration plans that resonate with any unique needs you or your loved ones have.

We strive to help foster independence and well-being. Our case management services extend to every aspect of your life, from home and work, to social engagements, creating a holistic recovery experience.

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Adolescent Services

Navigate the complexities of adolescence with Camden's premiere specialized support. Addressing unique challenges faced by young individuals and their families, our Clinically-Informed Adolescent Case Management is a beacon of guidance, whether it's in academics, social life, or overall well-being.

Our dedicated case managers advocate for the specific needs of our clients. We pave the way for a balanced and fulfilling journey through the teenage years. From enhancing essential life skills to ensuring smooth transitions between treatments, we’re the cohesive force bringing together families, therapists, and educators.

Experience the Camden difference, where every adolescent's success story matters.

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How We Serve

Camden Case Management's philosophy is centered around providing emotionally attuned support to clients, helping them apply the skills learned in treatment to their lives outside the treatment setting. Each individual is paired with a case manager who conducts a comprehensive assessment, creates an individualized service plan, and acts as a central, collaborative advocate. Case managers work closely with clients to understand their unique thoughts, emotions, and therapeutic needs, incorporating these into practical strategies for tangible progress in their everyday lives. 

The case manager actively guides clients in the development of essential skills and areas of personal growth including self-care, setting attainable goals, assertive communication, time management, physical and psychological wellness, and recreational activities. This process involves creating and maintaining a realistic schedule and balancing the demands of each domain. As part of the client’s service plan, the case manager also connects them to vetted outside resources, including various forms of social, clinical, and educational or vocational support. 

With the client’s consent, the case manager communicates with key individuals in their support network, including therapists, physicians, and other professionals to facilitate cohesion and coordination amongst the team. As a central advocate, the case manager helps maximize the client’s progress toward their goals. 

For those individuals transitioning from inpatient to outpatient treatment, the decrease in structure and support while returning to the stressors and triggers of their home environment can be a significant challenge. Camden Case Management provides key assistance before, during, and after this transition, helping the client adhere to their aftercare plan and make effective use of their support system. In addition to a case manager, clients may also be paired with a mentor and/or a companion who works closely with them to develop and practice healthy habits for daily life during this crucial period.

Service Elements

Camden Case Management creates an individualized program for each client that includes a combination of multiple service elements. The specific elements that comprise each service plan are selected after a comprehensive assessment and can be modified from week to week based upon ongoing evaluation of progress and the specific needs of each client as they progress in their recovery.

Case Management

Clinically-informed case management services are the core component of every individualized plan developed for our clients. The focus of case management services is determined by ongoing assessment of the needs of the client at each point in their recovery. Common areas of focus include physical and mental well-being, navigating the healthcare system, career aspirations, family dynamics, and recovery from mental health or addictive disorders. Case managers are available by phone between weekly meetings to provide support and to help clients with accountability.


Mentors are skilled, non-clinical members of the case management team who are matched to clients based on temperament and help clients apply progress in therapy to real-world settings. Meetings with mentors can be scheduled around treatment or work commitments for improving activities of daily living (ADLs), developing life skills, identifying and linking with community resources, enhancing accountability and independence, and increasing self-efficacy. By working with clients in the gaps between their treatment or work schedule, mentors facilitate rapid progress toward reintegration plan goals through the implementation and completion of concrete action steps. 


Like mentors, companions are skilled, non-clinical members of the case management team, who are available to provide structured support. Companions are present with the client continuously and are used when there is a need for greater safety and accountability. For clients who need uninterrupted assistance in the regulation of mental health or sobriety, companions not only provide safety and accountability, but also offer a consistent and calming presence. 

Family Dynamics Support Group

Because family dynamics play an integral role in an individual’s recovery, Camden Case Management offers a bi-weekly Family Dynamics Support Group led by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. This group provides a supportive environment for families to come together, share experiences, and acquire valuable insights from an expert facilitator.