The emotional and psychological effects of addiction and mental health conditions often cause significant functional problems in an individual’s life. Taking the psychological progress made in treatment and converting it into real-world changes in functionality sometimes requires support outside of the clinical office setting. Camden Case Management provides a comprehensive support structure to help individuals make effective changes in their home, work, and social environments, both during and following mental health or addiction treatment.

Camden Case Management collaborates with individuals at various stages of their healing process, whether they are just beginning a mental health or addiction treatment program, are in an outpatient clinical setting, or are in another phase in their recovery journey. The multidisciplinary team is led by an experienced clinician, ensuring that all services are provided with the client’s clinical needs in mind. The team is dedicated to developing flexible, creative, and individualized reintegration plans for each client so they can gain independence through achievable goals.


Camden Case Management was founded and is operated by a physician and a seasoned trauma and addiction psychotherapist based on the principles of compassionate care, pragmatism, and respect for clients and their families. This allows Camden Case Management to provide clinically-informed case management, mentoring, and sober companioning services that support and enhance our clients’ work with their clinicians or treatment program. 

While Camden Case Management does not provide any clinical services, we recognize the clinical needs of each client in their journey. Our services aim to bridge the gap between the “thinking” and the “feeling” to the “doing.” More specifically, we augment each client’s ongoing clinical work utilizing a unique combination of service elements to help individuals take the necessary steps to overcome their mental health and addiction struggles in real-life settings. 

The experienced team of case managers, mentors, and sober companions have many years of experience working with people struggling with mental health and addiction issues and have the skills and expertise needed to help clients build happy, productive, and meaningful lives.

Service Elements

Camden Case Management custom tailors a program for each client that includes a combination of the following service elements. The specific elements chosen are based on a comprehensive assessment, and the provided services may be modified to meet the specific needs of a client wherever they are in the trajectory of their healing.

Case Management

Case management services are the core component for every customized plan established for our clients. The focus of case management services will vary depending on the needs of the client and where they are in their healing journey.


Mentoring helps clients convert their clinical efforts into real-world functional changes by pairing them with a skilled mentor to provide a comprehensive support structure to successfully reintegrate back into their home, work, and social lives.

Sober Companioning

Sober companions accompany clients throughout the day to provide structure, safety, and support in various environments to aide them in staying sober and living a life of recovery.